International Journal of Fusion Energy

Issue Content
Issue Content
The Pinch Effect Revisited
by Winston Bostick

1954-63 Practical Schemes

1964-74 Omnis Plasma Est...

Space-Time Resolution

The Unfinished Saga of the Pinch Effect

Postscript from the IAEA Conference on Controlled
Nuclear Fusion and Plasma Physics, October 1976
On the Trends in Nuclear Fusion Research
by Dr. Bo Lehnert

An Assessment of Laser-Driven Fusion
by K. A. Brueckner & Assoc.

A More Optimistic View of Laser Fusion
an Editor's Note
Production of Fusion Energy by Vortex Structure Compression
by Harold Grad

On Integrals of the Hydrodynamic Equations
that Correspond to Vortex Motions
by Hermann von Helmholtz

Some New Directions in Fluid Mechanics
by Steven Bardwell
Magnetic Confinement Fusion Energy Research
by Harold Grad
Fully Developed Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence
Numerical Simulation and Closure Techniques
by A. Pouquet

Theta-Pinch Description from Classical Electrodynamics
by E. A. Witalis
On the Propagation of Plane Air Waves of
Finite Amplitude
B. Riemann

Theory of Multifoil Collision Supercompression
by V. A. Belokogne
Thermonuclear Ignition by Means of Compact Devices
by B. Coppi, R. Pozzoli, E. Sindoni, and A. Taroni

Research Review: The Beginnings of a
Deterministic Theory of Turbulence
by S. Bardwell
The Morphology of the Electron
Winston H. Bostick

Missing Energies at the Pair Production by Gamma Quanta
Erich R. Bagge

The Relation Between Angular Momentum and
Star Formation in Spiral Galaxies

L. Carrasco and A. Serrano

New Frontiers in Biophysics
James Frazer, PhD

Editor's Note:

Were Gauss and Riemann Right About Quantum Electrodynamics?
Jonathan Tennenbaum


Nonlinear Relativity and the Quantum Ether
Friedwardt Winterberg

The Special Theory of Relativity in a Gravitational Field
Masayuki Note

Theory and Applications of the Nonexistence
of Simple Toroidal Plasma Equilibrium

Harold Grad


On the Controversy over Whether Classical Systems Like Plasmas
Can Behave Like Superconductors (Which Have Heretofore Been Supposed
to Be Strictly Quantum-Mechanically Dominated)

Winston Bostick

The Electromagnetic-Ram Action of the Plasma Focus As a Paradigm for the
Production of Gigantic Galactic Jets and Cosmic Rays

Winston Bostick

Nonlinear Pumping for X-ray Lasers: The Rhodes Experiments
Charles B. Stevens

Major Beam Advances Announced at University of Rochester Conference
Charles B. Stevens

The Biology of Light: New Insights into Life Processes
Wolfgang Lillge, M.D

The Gifts of Louis de Broglie to Science
by Robert J. Moon


Gravitational Binding Mass Nonequivalence and the Foundations of Physics
With the Lageos Satellite As a Laboratory

B.A. Soldano

The Importance of Eugenio Beltrami's Hydroelectrodynamics
Giuseppe Filipponi

Note on the Mathematical Theory of Electrodvnamic Solenoids
Eugenio Beltrami

On the Mechanical Interpretation of Maxwell's Formulae
Eugenio Beltrami

Considerations on Hydrodynamics
Eugenia Beltrami


The Application of Beltrami's Work to Plasma Research Today

Spying on Carcinoma Cells Through an NMR Looking Glass

The Spectroscopy of Photosynthesis

Modeling Chromophore Interaction with
Protein to Alter Its Spectral Absorption

The Plant Cell Wall: Crucial in Plant Tissue
Differentiation and Defense Against Invading Microbes

How Does Hormesis Work and Is It Necessary for Life

Research on Cannonball Targets with Carbon Dioxide Lasers

The Los Alamos Trailmaster': Explosive Pulsed
Power and Energy Compression Program

Force-free Plasmas Prick Big Bang Balloon

Exploring the Earth's Geotail


Principles of Quantum Biology As Demonstrated by
Ultraweak Photon Emission from Living Cells

Fritz-Albert Popp

The Helicity Connection
Daniel R. Wells

Newton's Gravitational Constant and the Structure of Science
B.A. Soldano

Toward the New Biophysics
James W. Fraz


Clarification of Some High Turbulence Results Obtained by the
MAN New Technology Group

Technological Potential of High Turbulence Processes

A Critique of E. Fischbach's 'Reanalysis of the Eotvos Experiment'

New Experimental Results Surprise Quantum Theory

Low-Energy Positrons in Pair Creation

New Directions for Quantum Physics

Is the Universe Really Expanding?